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LUBOMIR FERKO:  Sculptures and Glass Art

China & Australia lectures

    CHINA, AUSTRALIA & TASMANIA   lectures and exhibitions  2010 :


     5th of July - lecture at  Academy of Arts & Design,  Tsinghua University,  Beijing,  China
     9th of July - lecture for   Ausglass,  Findeslane,  Melbourne,  Australia
  19th of July - lecture at  UTAS,  Academy of the Arts,  Inveresk,  Launceston,  Tasmania
  29th of July - lecture at Artsforum,  Inveresk  Cultural  Precinct,  Launceston,  Tasmania
  14th of August - lecture for Ausglass Tasmania at Artsforum, Launceston,  Tasmania
  27th of August - lecture at  La Trobe University,  Mildura,  Australia
  31th of August - lecture at  Monash University,  Melbourne,  Australia
   15th  of July - 2nd of August, LUBOMIR FERKO - Small works at  ARTIFAKT GALLERY,
                                                      40 Emu Bay Rd ,  Deloraine,  Tasmania
    4th  -  16th of August,  MINI WORKS, Exhibition of artworks of LUBOMIR  FERKO  at Gallery of  UTAS,
                                                       Invermay Rd,  Inveresk,  Launceston,  Tasmania
    Radio interviews at  City  Park  Radio , Launceston  and ABC  Radio , Hobart ,  Tasmania