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LUBOMIR FERKO:  Sculptures and Glass Art


New activities:

2019- GLASSMOVEMENT, Museum of Applied Arts in BELGRADE, from 5th to 29th June 2019. Group exhibition of 30 glassartists from 9 countries, 3 continets, participants of glass symposiums in Slovakia from 1990 to 1999.

2019- STATUA, Culture house/Gallery Kunsthalle Bratislava, 9th of January to 9th February 2019. /Exhibition of generation of graduates of Art Academies in Bratislava,Prague, Belgrade & Sofia, exhibiting are 16 artists/

 2018- METHAMORPHOSES OF SLOVAK GLASS ART, exhibition  in           SLOVAK NATIONAL MUSEUM-Museum Ľ.Štúra. 11 Slovak Glass Artists curator Ľuba PAVLOVIČOVÁ, from 12th April 2018.

2017- DE VERWONDERING,Kunst in open Tuin, Den HOUT, Netherlands


2017- GLASSMOVEMENT- anniversary glass exhibition in NOVOHRADSKÉ MUSEUM AND GALLERY, Lučenec, Slovakia. 26 Glass artists

 2016 - GLASSMOVEMENT- anniversary glass art exhibition in GMAB STATE GALLERY IN TRENČÍN, 36 artists from 9 countries and 3 continents,      Juni-July 2016. Curator  Ľubomir FERKO.


2017 - European Biennale of glass art, Alizay/Rouen France


 2016 -  Exhibition in Pauluskerk, Breukelen, The Netherlansd,

     up to the 13th February 2016, with Gallery McSorley


 2016 -  Ovengevormd Glas 2016 on tour, Zandvoorts Museum,

      The Netherlands,       13 mei  -  19 juni  2016