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LUBOMIR FERKO:  Sculptures and Glass Art

• anonym  |  18.02.2013 09:37:31  |  IP: 95.102.---.---
Všetko naj... k narodkám.
• anonym  |  18.02.2013 09:36:54  |  IP: 95.102.---.---
Všetko naj... k narodkám.

• Toin Rijven  |  09.04.2010 11:55:02  |  IP: 213.73.---.---
Dear Lubomir,
Thanks you very much for your CD Diana Kral we do enjoy it!
Nice to hear you are going to work in Australia. Please let me know your experiences. In end July begin august we will vist slovakia for 10 days Mala Fatra and Vysoke Tatra. It would be nice to see some of your new work?

Have a nice day,
Toin and Zuzana

• anonym  |  21.02.2010 00:52:57  |  IP: 220.253.---.---
Dear Lubomir,
Gerry King emailed me telling me of your forthcoming journey to Australia. I would be happy to host you in Melbourne and try to organize a talk for you with Ausglass members and students at the local glass school.
Please send me your itinerary and if the dates agree you have a place to stay.
regards Ede Horton
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